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technology-driven process

ACME Company

  • Posting on 2-3 job boards?
  • Refreshing your jobs weekly or monthly?
  • Posting the same job with a single title?
  • Not able to target people who are actively working?
  • Still receiving candidates from recruiting agencies through email with a resume attached?

The USA Way

  • We use AI enabled job postings across hundreds of job boards.
  • We automatically refresh jobs daily and hourly to maintain top relevance and targeted results.
  • We automatically post the same job under multiple titles and locations to cast a wider net.
  • We create targeted drip campaigns to reach people who are currently employed (statistics show better placement rates).
  • We use our online community to increase referrals.
  • We phone screen potentials and then interview successful candidates in person or virtual.
  • We use a technology-driven platform to submit candidates with recruiter notes so our customers can review and schedule interviews faster.